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Subject Source: Homosaurus

Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

Bary Porter Collection

Identifier: MS-0207
Scope and Contents The Bary Porter Collection was a gift of Bary Porter on behalf of the Kansas City Heartland Chapter of The NAMES Project Foundation in March 2012. Contained in the collection are documents, publications, programs and articles pertaining to the business workings and events and displays of the Kansas City Chapter, as well as HIV/AIDS awareness issues. Newsletters of the Kansas City Chapter of The NAMES Project Foundation are present, along with meeting minutes, and general Chapter information...
Dates: 1996 - 2000

Bill Todd and Art Bratt Collection

Identifier: MS-0202
Scope and Contents Bill Todd and Art Bratt gifted their collection of GLAMA material to LaBudde Special Collections in August 2011. Inclusive dates are 1978-2012, with the bulk of materials in the 1987-1991 range, focusing on the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA), an organization to which Todd and Bratt were deeply dedicated. Included are photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, periodicals, news clippings, ephemera, memorabilia, audio and video cassettes. The highlight of this collection lies within the 48...
Dates: 1969 - 2015

Bob Minor Collection

Identifier: MS-0213
Scope and Contents

A gift of Dr. Robert Minor in August 2012, this collection largely comprises issues of the Kansas and Kansas City editions of The Liberty Press, most of them featuring Minor’s syndicated column “Minor Details.” A few other periodicals, along with videotapes and a large poster, round out the collection.

Dates: 1998 - 2012

Bobby Bremer Collection

Identifier: MS-0214
Scope and Contents The Bobby Bremer Collection was donated to LaBudde Special Collections by Dr. Jay Wilkinson, a close friend of Bremer, in September 2012; a second donation was made in February 2014. It contains photographs from TAPS bar during the 1990s, parties and trips by Bremer, his partner and friends, Bremer’s commitment ceremony to his first partner at Metropolitan Community Church. These have been reconstructed from four scrapbooks and were re-arranged in a consistent order with reference of the...
Dates: 1980s - 1990s

Chloe Wagner Collection

Identifier: MS-0197
Scope and Contents The Chloe Wagner Collection was a gift of Chloe Wagner in July 2011. The collection contains many periodicals relating to LGBT matters, including an extensive run of Gay and Lesbian News-Telegraph issues. Various newspaper clippings, articles, publications, flyers, pamphlets and booklets are also here, representing a broad range of issues and events in the Kansas City area. A few representative items from Phoenix Books are included throughout this collection as well. Rounding out the...
Dates: 1972 - 2009

Chris Almvig Collection

Identifier: MS-0178
Scope and Contents The Chris Almvig Scrapbook was a gift of Chris Almvig in 2010. The centerpiece of this scrapbook is a memoir entitled Recollections of Flying out of the Closet, in which Almvig chronicles the period in her life when she came out as a lesbian and moved to Kansas City, where she became involved in the Women’s Liberation Union and other advocacy groups. The memoir is accompanied by an addendum of “Attachments” – Poems, Essays, Articles, etc. – that provide more background into relevant people...
Dates: 1973 - 2010

Chris Collins Collection

Identifier: MS-0228
Scope and Contents The Chris Collins Collection was gifted by Collins in the Fall of 2012. The collection contains many periodicals related to local and regional Kansas City LGBT issues, as well as Drag Queen culture in many manifestations. Also housed within the collection are programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs related to Jewel Box Lounge, and local Drag Queen performers from the 1970s-90s in Kansas City. For more items related to the Jewel Box and other local establishments in the...
Dates: 1967 - 2005

David Helton Collection

Identifier: MS-0230
Scope and Contents The David Helton Collection was donated to the LaBudde Special Collections in March of 2013. This collection is comprised of newspaper clippings about and photographs of the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights on October 11, 1987 and the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation on April 25, 1993. The photos are of Kansas City participants and others in both marches. The newspaper clippings date from 1987 and feature coverage of the...
Dates: 1979 - 1993

David Jackson Collection

Identifier: MS-0166
Scope and Contents The David Jackson Collection was gifted in Spring 2010 to LaBudde Special Collections by Jackson. The collection dates from 1996 to 2007, and focuses primarily on the work of the Kansas City-based Norman Institute (later the National Institute for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Education), founded by Dr. Terry L. Norman, author of Just Tell the Truth: Questions Families Ask When Gay Married Men Come Out (1998). The Institute dealt with issues related to gender orientation, with a mission “to...
Dates: 1996 - 2007

David Wayne Reed Collection

Identifier: MS-0254
Scope and Contents The David Wayne Reed Collection consists primarily of material related to Late Night Theater Productions: scripts, production notes, programs, promotional materials, and photographs document the first ten years of the theater troupe. The collection also contains items from post-Late Night Theater productions including Mother Trucker 2: Ride On, Help Yourself, and a performance series curated by Reed for La Esquina Gallery. Additional creative work is represented by a book of short stories...
Dates: 1997 - 2015

DeDe DeVille Collection

Identifier: MS-0220
Scope and Contents

The DeDe DeVille Collection consists of a wide range of local Kansas City-area periodicals, many of which feature Ms. DeVille in some form or fashion. The remainder of Ms. DeVille’s collection, which includes costumes and props, are housed at the Kansas City Museum.

The June 2015 addendum contains Periodicals; Circulars; Newspaper & Magazine selections and clippings; various Programs and Theatre posters.

Dates: 1995 - 2011

Diane Constantin Collection

Identifier: MS-0184
Scope and Contents The Diane Constantin Collection was a gift of Diane Constantin in October 2010. Contained within the collection are scrapbook sheets with programs, flyers, and ticket stubs reflecting a long-time interest in the LGBT music scene in Kansas City, MO, in the 1970s and 1980s. The collection also features a variety of periodicals relating to women’s rights issues, LGBT rights issues, and music. A few more newspaper and magazine articles, programs, catalogues and ticket stubs are present, along...
Dates: 1978 - 2000

Echo (Linda J. Ray) and Karin A. McAdams Collection

Identifier: MS-0199
Scope and Contents The Echo (Linda J. Ray) and Karin A. McAdams Collection was a gift of Echo and McAdams in July 2011. Contained in the collection are two scrapbooks, featuring a wide array of Newspaper Clippings, Magazine Articles, Flyers, Photographs, and Programs dating from 1976-1983, and featuring LGBT rights and women’s issues. A few miscellaneous items are also featured, including two Gay Games medals and a necklace.The audiovisual materials in the collection contain audio and video...
Dates: 1976 - 2010

Evelyn “Evie” Akers Scrapbook

Identifier: MS-0177
Scope and Contents The Evelyn “Evie” Akers Collection contains material that reflects the history of a variety of lesbian and gay social and amateur sports-oriented organizations. These organizations were active in the 1970s and 1980s, and included such sports as bowling, softball, horseshoes, darts, and shuffleboard. Ms. Akers was instrumental in founding the Kansas City Coed Sports Association in 1982, an effort to formally organize different types of amateur gay and lesbian sports teams. The scrapbook...
Dates: 1970 - 2010

Gary Shivers Collection

Identifier: MS-0368
Scope and Contents

The audiovisual materials in this collection contain radio programs produced and recorded by Gary Shivers, including, “Jazz Scene,” “Gary Shivers Show,” and “Gary Shivers on Jazz.” The collection also holds recordings of interviews, music performances, and home recordings.

Dates: 1941 - 2001

Heartland Men’s Chorus Collection

Identifier: MS-0191
Scope and Contents The Heartland Men’s Chorus Collection was a gift of Rick Fisher, Executive Director of the HMC, in March 2011. The collection is primarily comprised of concert programs and promotional materials. A nearly complete set of Heartland Men’s Chorus concert programs is contained in the collection, from the first concert in 1986 to June 2012. Along with these are invitations and programs for garden parties, and Dinners of Note, which were benefits for the Chorus. Also, a nearly complete set of...
Dates: 1986 - 2020

Jim Wanser Collection

Identifier: MS-0270
Scope and Contents

The Jim Wanser Collection covers in depth the forming of the UMKC LGBT Initiative and its development into the LGBT Office, as well as the founding of the Kansas City Chapter of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Documents include Advisory Board minutes, drafts, programs, correspondence, outreach, and educational resources, spanning from 1992 to 2013. Series are broken into two main areas: the LGBT Office (first ten series) and GLAAD (last series).

Dates: 1992 - 2013

John Long Collection

Identifier: MS-0168
Scope and Contents The John Long Collection was a gift from John Long in February 2010, and includes additional issues of Camp Magazine, along with further materials donated by Long in 2012. The heart of the collection is a nearly complete run of Camp Magazine from June 2004-June 2011, along with other local and regional periodicals and publications. Also contained are various documents and items related to LGBT Organizations and Events in the Kansas City area, including Programs, Flyers and Posters,...
Dates: 1996 - 2011

Jon Barnett Collection

Identifier: MS-0332
Scope and Contents

Jon Barnett donated his papers in August 2017. The collection is comprised of personal and professional documents related to his life as an activist. The collection is separated into personal documents, documents related to the HRP, and photographs. Materials include correspondence, publications, various writings, artifacts, and notes.

Dates: 1979 - 2004

Joy Cabe Collection

Identifier: MS-0363
Scope and Contents

The Joy Cabe Collection was donated by Dianna Kehlman, executor of Cabe's estate, in January 2019. The collection consists of meeting minutes, event planning notes, receipts, 501(c)(3) incorporation paperwork, bylaws, and other materials related to the Lavender Ladies organization, as well as Joy Cabe’s personal event badges, buttons, bags, and other items generally related to women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. Emphasis is on Lavender Ladies documents from 2006 to 2011.

Dates: 1985 - 2014

Kathy Ruth Neal and Susan Sanders Collection

Identifier: MS-0236
Scope and Contents

The Kathy Ruth Neal and Susan Sanders Collection was a gift of Susan Sanders in May 2013. The bulk of the collection consists of cartoons drawn by Neal during the years of 1989-1991, some of which were published in issues of Alternate News, and offer an often cheeky and irreverent commentary on LGBT lifestyles. A few other documents and items fill out the collection, including some writings by Sanders and LGBT memorabilia.

Dates: 1989 - 2007

Kay Madden Collection

Identifier: MS-0314
Scope and Contents The Kay Madden Collection was gifted to GLAMA by Kay Madden in 2017.Housed in LaBudde Special Collections, the manuscript collection comprises materials from the various organizations Madden was a part of from 1981 to 1996. Sources in this collection include correspondence, newsletters, publications, conference information, and meeting minutes. The organizations included in this collection include the Human Rights Project, Kansas City Gay and Lesbian Violence Committee, Pink...
Dates: 1947 - 1998

Larry Sullivan Collection

Identifier: MS-0222
Scope and Contents The Larry Sullivan Collection was a gift of Larry Sullivan in May 2011. It contains a wide array of documentation related to the Gay and Lesbian Services Network, and specific elements of that organization such as Condom Crusaders, a group that supported safe sex within the LGBT community. Along with GLSN materials, representative documents from other groups and organizations, such as AIDS ACTIONCommittee and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), can also be found here. Rounding off this...
Dates: 1983 - 1998

Lavender Ladies Collection

Identifier: MS-0196
Scope and Contents The Lavender Ladies Collection was donated to the Gay and Lesbian Archive of Mid- America by decision of the organization’s board members in June of 2011. It consists of materials collected by club members over time, including local, regional, and national publications; books; sound recordings; audio-visual materials; and t-shirts. While some of the books were added to LaBudde Special Collections (searchable in the Library’s online catalog), the bulk were subsequently donated to the...
Dates: 1957 - 2009

Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Kansas City (LGCCKC) Collection

Identifier: MS-0167
Scope and Contents The LGCCKC Collection was gifted to the LaBudde Special Collections in February 2010 by Dan Melton, former Treasurer and Development Officer of the organization. The collection contains a great deal of documentation related the early history of the Center, including Board minutes, Friends of the Community Center minutes, and a Board Notebook. In addition, there is a large amount of material related to Out in Westport and other outreach activities, and a good collection of Center...
Dates: 1968 - 2008