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"A Great Day In Harlem” and “Blues Highway”, 1996

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 85
Scope and Contents

Documentary; Note: “To Jay, From Dale and Charlie Wilson. Hotsprings 1996 Enjoy!” 00:00-1:00:00 - A Great Day In Harlem 1:00:00-1:32:30 – Blues Highway

Dates: 1996

“Charlie Parker”, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 86
Scope and Contents

Documentary; 03:32-1:32:00 - Charlie Parker Public Access (Same as “American masters celebrating BIRD”); 1:02:00-1:34:54 – The Frugal Gourmet

Dates: Undated

Kansas City jazz Museum, “Jazz is...”, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 87
Scope and Contents

Documentary; Stereo letterbox nersion 33:20 min.

Dates: Undated

Kansas City Jazz, Parts: 1,2,3., Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 89
Scope and Contents

Documentary; 176 min. KTWU–Channel 11; Producer Bill Shaffer; Summary on Inside of case

Dates: Undated

“American Masters” (Celebrating BIRD), July 24, 1989

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 90
Scope and Contents

Documentary; WTTW/TV CH. 11. Jay McShann appears at 20:20

Dates: July 24, 1989

Jay McShann Trio “The InSide Story” and Performance, November 18, 1993

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 92
Scope and Contents

Interview; Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK

Dates: November 18, 1993

Jay McShann, Legion Club, Nebraska TV, KUOW, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 95
Scope and Contents

Live recording; 00:00-28:38 – Jay McShann Performs; 28:34-38:41 – Interview, KC Sound; 38:41-42:19 – Zoo Bar; 42:19-51:25 – KC Jazz History, Sunday Morning; 51:25-1:20:01 – Netce, Jay McShann with Piano Interview

Dates: Undated

Joe “Pops” Morgan's 67th Birthday, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 96
Scope and Contents

Live recording; Featuring Jay McShann (piano), Terry Hughes (drums) and Hoagie Hoagland (Trumpet)

Dates: Undated

Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame, November 14, 1998

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 97
Scope and Contents

Live recording; McShann performs first

Dates: November 14, 1998

Joe Morgan 70th Birthday, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 98
Scope and Contents

Live recording; Jay McShann at piano

Dates: Undated

Jay McShann, S.S Norway, 1987

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 99
Scope and Contents

Amateur Video Recording; Live Set on Jazz Cruise

Dates: 1987

Blues from the Zoo Bar, Jay McShann, December 2, 1985

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 101
Scope and Contents

Live recording; Note: “Merry Christmas. Best Wishes, Ed.” MT Productions 60:00

Dates: December 2, 1985

Jay McShann 1st set - Indigo Blues at The Act, April 12, 1990

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 117
Scope and Contents

Live recording; Jay McShann-piano, Lynn Seaton-bass, Chuck Riggs-drums

Dates: April 12, 1990

Wild Sound (Unreleased Studio Session) with Jay McShann, Gordy Johnson, and Phil Hey, May 22, 2003

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 118
Scope and Contents

Track listing: Hot Biscuits -- Once in a while -- My Chile -- Once in a while #2

Dates: May 22, 2003

Jay McShann Orchestra Live From the Savoy, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 119
Scope and Contents

Radio broadcast; First ever radio broadcast on 'the blue network' announcer: Bill Abernathy

Dates: Undated

Gibson Jazz, Undated

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 102
Scope and Contents

Amateur Video Recording; 14 Min.; Bill Smith; McShann at 3:08, 5:04) Jazz Festival Concert

Dates: Undated

“KC Crossroads” Pilot, September 26, 1994

 Item — Box: AV-4, Object: 103
Scope and Contents

KCPT Public TV 19; TRT 56:35; 00:00-28:38 - Karryn Allison; 28:30-1:00:00 - Millage Gilbert Blues Band

Dates: September 26, 1994