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UMKC 1, July 31, 1971

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1217
Scope and Contents Pesticides in Our Environment Part I-- The effects of the pesticide usage -- Keynote address by Coy McNabb, professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Missouri at Columbia. -- also ft. Dr. Vernon Green, professor of Pharmacology at the UMKC School of Dentistry -- Leroy Korschgen, of the Missouri Conservation Commission at Columbia -- John Lower, Horticulture specialist with the Jackson County Extension Center of the University of Missouri -- Dr. Michelle Stern, professor of...
Dates: July 31, 1971

UMKC 2, July 31, 1971

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1218
Scope and Contents

Part 2 continued from 1217

Dates: July 31, 1971

UMKC 3, August 7, 1971

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1219
Scope and Contents

Pesticides in Our Environment Part I -- Government Controls Role of Private Industry -- Individual responsibility -- Future of pest control

Dates: August 7, 1971

UMKC 4, undated

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1220
Scope and Contents

Pesticides in Our Environment part 2

Dates: undated

UMKC 5, undated

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1221
Scope and Contents

Malpractice in Healthcare-- Dr. Charles Wheeler

Dates: undated

UMKC 6, December 1, 1978

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1222
Scope and Contents

Disasters: The Kansas City Flood, ft. Dr. Patricia Ericson, Asst. Professor of Sociology and Suzanne Culter, Graduate Student -- Interviewed by Mary Loy Brown -- Reactions to disasters by victims -- Rescuers and local assistance agencies -- Kansas City flood of 1977 is cited as an example

Dates: December 1, 1978

UMKC 7, July 22, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1223
Scope and Contents

Underground Space Development in KC, ft. Dr. Truman P. Stauffer-- The development of underground space for business and industrial utilization -- current underground mining procedures -- the energy efficiency of such development -- reasons why development does not include plans for residential use -- Kansas Cities leadership in development -- the universities involvement and plans for the future in underground space development

Dates: July 22, 1979

UMKC 8, June 28, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1224
Scope and Contents

The new Spencer Theater at UMKC

Dates: June 28, 1979

UMKC 9, April 26, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1225
Scope and Contents

Mathematics Revisited, with Dr. Elizabeth Berman author and lecturer -- The difficulty of many and the trauma some people faced with working simple math problems -- Dr. Berman's new text-book and how it approaches the subject of math and arithmetic in a new way -- the lessons related to simple, everyday work and household chores -- how young people and adults can use this book to overcome the fears and discomfort of working mathematical problems

Dates: April 26, 1979

UMKC 10, April 1, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1226
Scope and Contents

The New Law School Building, ft. W.B. Anderson, Interim Dean, UMKC School of Law -- Innovative features of the new facility -- reactions to its design and uses by students, faculty and alumni -- effective use of space, with future expansion capability built- in -- the circular courtroom and its unique features and use by the judiciary

Dates: April 1, 1979

UMKC 11, March 25, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1227
Scope and Contents

Opening up the arts, meaning and messages -- The idea of blending together various traditional art forms and media into a mixed media format as the focus of the fourth annual seminar -- the writing workshop at which an expert editor will evaluate poetry and other writings by members of the Kansas City community.

Dates: March 25, 1979

UMKC 12, March 29, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1228
Scope and Contents

The Graduate Nursing Program at UMKC, ft. Dr. Luisita Archer, Director of Nursing programs at UMKC -- The need for nursing preparation today versus the decline in number of area schools of nursing -- trends in nursing programs -- the value of the graduate degree in nursing and employment opportunities for R.N.'s with a masters degree -- the future outlook for nursing in the Kansas City area -- what UMKC offers in nursing preparation.

Dates: March 29, 1979

UMKC 13, June 10, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1229
Scope and Contents

Kansas City: An Architectural History, with Dr. George Ehrlich, professor of Art History, UMKC -- Kansas Cities architectural history and its correlation to the development of the city from trading post to modern metropolis -- discussion of architecture as a factor in molding the character of a cities people -- the book, as published, is uniquely a Kansas City endeavor, underscoring the cities eminence as a major printing and publishing center

Dates: June 10, 1979

UMKC 14, June 3, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1230
Scope and Contents

Growth and Decline of Urban Neighborhoods with Dr. Philip G. Olson, UMKC. -- Reasons for the intense interest in urban neighborhoods -- current research at UMKC of the urban scene -- Kansas Cities growth patterns compared with Chicago.

Dates: June 3, 1979

UMKC 15, May 20, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1231
Scope and Contents

Missouri Repertory theater's 16th season, with Nancy Traeger (Mrs. William) MRT Guild President and Richard C. Brown, MRT actor.

Dates: May 20, 1979

UMKC 16, February 9, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1232
Scope and Contents

Energy in the New Age: RFK symposium, 1979 ft. Marcy Smalley, Charlotte DeClue and Adrian Lonnecker -- Energy theme of the 1979 Robert F Kennedy memorial symposium -- Community involvement in this years symposium -- description of newly developed solar energy collector/concentrator -- profile of guest experts speaking at this years symposium.

Dates: February 9, 1979

UMKC 17, February 2, 1978

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1233
Scope and Contents

Dean -- Faculty guides for resignation

Dates: February 2, 1978

UMKC 18, October 24, 1966

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1234
Scope and Contents

Future of the Urban Complex

Dates: October 24, 1966

UMKC 19, undated

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1235
Scope and Contents

Law Foundations -- UMKC School of law

Dates: undated

UMKC 20, undated

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1236
Scope and Contents

Production Tape for UMKC-AL

Dates: undated

Urban Agriculture, August 26, 1979

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1237
Scope and Contents

Johnny Mae Johnson, head of the Kansas City Civil Registration Council, a volunteer group that helps those in need of food -- helps economically disadvantaged persons by planting gardens.

Dates: August 26, 1979

University of Nebraska, March 15, 1975

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1238
Scope and Contents UMKC Mid-America Jazz Contest -- University of Nebraska Jazz Band, Lincoln, Neb. Dennis Schneider -- Groovin Hard, Don Menza, Red Groetzinger-tenor -- Chamomile, Dr. Randall Snyder, Asst. Prof. of Theory and Comp. at the University of Nebraska (He conducted the bad for this number), Rich Cornell-sop. sax -- Sun catcher, Butch Nordall, Bart Bartholomew-trumpet, Rich Cornell-tenor -- Minor Booze, Willie Maden, John Hischke-alto, Dave Brown-trumpet, Dave Jarvins-vibes, Rich Cornell and Red...
Dates: March 15, 1975

University of Tulsa, March 15, 1975

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1239
Scope and Contents UMKC Mid-America Jazz Contest -- University of Tulsa Jazz Band, Ron Predl, Director -- Look What They've Done, arr. Les Hooper, Mike Heath-soprano and alto, Vernon Howard-trombone, Gary Bowser and Gary Lemming-trumpet, Brian Feltz-bass -- Pinocchio, Wayne Shorter, arr. Bill Dinwiddie, Mike Moore-flugelhorn. Gary Linde-tenor, Gary Sloan-drums -- Is There Anything Still Here, Ray Brown, Gary Linde-tenor -- Hayburner, Sammy Nestico, Pat Murray-piano, Jerry Summers-drums -- Fingers, Thad Jones,...
Dates: March 15, 1975

National Urban League Conference, August 14, 1978

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1240
Scope and Contents

The National Urban League, One of the oldest black organizations in the country, ended its annual convention last week in Los Angeles -- The major interests of the organization were outlined in a speech by Urban League Director Vernon Jordan -- Jerry Zulaw of station KQED in San Francisco attended the conference and prepared a summary of what was said about some of the conference and prepared a summary of what was said about some of the major topics.

Dates: August 14, 1978

USA vs. Nixon, July 20, 1974

 Item — Box: 34, Object: 1241
Scope and Contents

Included in the box Is a note about the tape.

Dates: July 20, 1974