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Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932



  • Existence: April 10, 1864 - March 3, 1932


Eugene D’Albert was born in Glasgow Scotland. His earliest musical training came at the hands of his father Charles Louis Napoléon d'Albert who served as ballet master at Covet Gardens. At age 12, Eugene won a scholarship to attend school at the National Training School for Music (forerunner of the Royal College of Music) in London. While at school, D’Albert studied composition with Arthur Sullivan and John Stianer. In 1881 D’Albert was praised as a pianist for his performance of Hans Richter’s first piano concerto. In the same year, he won the Mendelssohn Scholarship affording him the opportunity to move to Vienna where he met Johannes Brahms, and Franz Liszt. It was in Vienna where D’Albert composed most of his music including large scale symphonic works, chamber music, and 20 operas. It was with his work Tiefland that D’Albert achieved international success as a composer. To this day it remains his most popular work as it is listed amongst the standard repertoire of opera houses throughout Austria and Germany.